Wrike Website Review & Ratings + Wrike Coupons
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Wrike Website Review & Ratings + Wrike Coupons

Wrike: Products & Services

Wrike is a company which offers innovative products to improve collaboration of team and project management.  More and more people are helped by the wonder software which Wrike successfully built, and touching hundreds of other companies in performing better services towards their clients. By using their software, you and your team can collaborate easily, manage multiple projects, and boost productivity.

Wrike: Company Background

Wrike is among the fast growing companies in the world and now offers its services to over 55 countries worldwide. Wrike introduced its software last 2006 and until now, updates are offered to produce stability on their software.  Wrike is led by Dan Tipton who is the President and CEO of the company. The main office of Wrike is located in California although it also accepts online queries for better communication.

Wrike: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Wrike is proud to say that they continue receiving positive feedbacks from all their clients, mainly because of the simple interface which their software offers and if compared to its competitors, they can say that it is Wrike which successfully came up with the simplest software perfect for broad and confusing team tasks. A lot of satisfied clients posted their feedbacks including the ones from PC World, eWeek, and Venture Beat here and on other sites as well.

Wrike: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Although Wrike is not yet in the list of BBB accredited businesses, everyone can still rely on its products and services since it has been awarded with several recognitions from reputable award-giving bodies. All the awards and recognitions of Wrike came from leWeb3 (Paris) in B2B startup competition, got an Excellence Award from eWeek, included in the Red Herring Top 100 Global Companies, and was a finalist in the American Business Awards.

Wrike: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

When it comes to online visibility, Wrike is a good player with very promising current Alexa rating. According to Alexa, its traffic rank globally is in the 11,949th position while running in 8,280th rank in US. A lot of websites linked to its site with 2,117 overall links.

Wrike on the other hand got a decent Google PageRank of 5 out of 10 and 10 as being the highest. This is probably affected by the links it put inside the website and the perfect SEO techniques that its webmaster may used since its site’s launch.

Wrike: Social Media Presence

Typically, for a business and website like Wrike, it should have the easiest way to find its social media accounts to easily reach out to wider audience. But, in the case of Wrike, yes, it has its official Facebook page but you have to search it in Facebook site. The same way goes with its official Twitter account wherein searching for it is necessary. Still, both accounts have decent likes and followers making it s fair one towards Wrike.

Wrike: Website Security & Safety

According to the Google SafeBrowsing tool, nothing malicious was found on the official site of Wrike, making it a safe website for everyone. Along with that is that it allows https:// connection, a secured way of browsing online. Purchases from Wrike are also secured, with their strict guidelines in signing up an account up to putting the software into the online virtual cart.

Wrike: Pricing & Packages

The offered packages and pricing by Wrike are very competitive, making you really choose their offered product. Get unlimited projects to collaborate for 50 users by subscribing to their 199 dollars per month package with 100 GB, 25 users for 129 dollars a month with 50 GB storage, their best seller 99 dollars a month for 15 users with 15 GB storage, and the most affordable 49 dollars per month for 5 users, with 5 GB storage. Further details about their offered product packages can be seen here.

Wrike: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable to this website.

Wrike: Payment Methods Accepted

Just like the other service providers, Wrike can accept the most popular payment methods online such as credit card payment, bank transfers, and PayPal. But, for a more secured way of purchasing, they require the buyers to sign up an account and start from there. Once indicated the right payment source, the payment will be automatically deducted with the receipt given to the buyer.

Wrike: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

To protect the welfare of both Wrike and its customers, Wrike decided to come up with its terms and conditions which include its refund policy for its product. According to its “Billing” section, downgrading the package that may cause the loss of any file is not held liable by Wrike, unless, should never be affected by the downgrade. Wrike does not accept refund claims for subscription cancellations, and subscriptions which are not yet used, or partial payments for subscriptions unless, Wrike has an obvious liability towards it.


Wrike: Product images & screenshots
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